Accounting Services

In 2013, Belize enacted the legislation, Accounting Records (Maintenance) Act 2013, requiring all entities that are formed or established in Belize to maintain and retain all accounting and financial records. According to the Act, “Accounting Records” include “financial statements; general and subsidiary ledgers; sales slips, contracts, invoices, records and documentation relating to

an entity’s assets and liabilities;

all sums of money received and expended and the matters in respect of which the receipt and expenditure take place;

–  all sales and purchases; and

–  all financial transactions.”


As a result of these legislative changes, Atlantic International Corp. Services Ltd. through its affiliate, Belize Premier Accounting Services Ltd., have extended our services not only to form and maintain entities but also to provide accounting services to these entities and any other entities that are established in Belize on your behalf.


Belize Premier Accounting Services Ltd. delivers exclusive accounting services for your Company. We have dedicated staff members that are knowledgeable, and experienced to provide the guidance your company needs in order to move forward with confidence. Companies come to us because they know we possess deep knowledge of their industries and can provide solutions to produce practical, high-impact results.


Some of our specialties include financial consultancy, financial statement analysis, payroll services, and book keeping. We also assist with organization of company’s books for business start-up and planning.


If you are interested in engaging Belize Premier Accounting Services Ltd. for your company, please contact us.