Things to do

Let’s talk adventure.

things to do


Mayan Temples : Belize is in the middle of the Mayan Heartland and the Cayo District has some of the most magnificent Mayan Temples ever built. El Castillo at Xunantunich is a favourite. It’s a short 10 minute drive from San Ignacio Town and offers breathtaking views of the Belize/Guatemala border and rolling hills of the west.

ATM Cave : It’s an exciting thrill to venture deep into Xibalba (Shi-ball-bah), the Mayan underworld; to trek through the jungle, swim into the mouth of a cave and manoeuvre yourself through limestone formations on a journey the Mayans took millenniums ago to please the gods.

Canoeing: The Cayo District is perfect for canoeing. Its clear meandering rivers make perfect pathways for adventure and fun.

Horseback Riding: The Cayo District presents the perfect opportunity to gallop through Belize’s lush jungle.


Museum of Belize: Visit the largest national museum in Belize dedicated to Belize’s rich culture and history.


Snorkel & Dive: Belize is home to the second largest Barrier Reef in the world. Swim with turtles and sharks and follow schools of fish or scuba dive the mysterious world renowned Blue Hole.

Kayak: Be the captain of your own adventure out at sea. Take your snorkelling gear. You never know where or what you’ll see.

Fish: Catch your own supper! Or the biggest fish of them all. Our little islands are a Mecca for those who want to fish, whether it is fly fishing, trolling, or reef fishing. And did you know that Belize is actually one of very few destinations in the world where you can attempt the Grand Slam of fly fishing? In one day it is possible to catch, boney fish, permit and tarpon. Doesn’t happen very often but it can be done.

Relax: Yes, relax. Enjoy the sun, breeze and sand.


Walk the world’s narrowest street: Guinness World Records named the Main Street in Placencia the “World’s Narrowest Street.” Not only is it narrow, but it’s lined with unique Belizean stores and good restaurants.

Eat Gelato: While you might think you can find gelato anywhere, it won’t be as good as the one you’ll find in Placencia. It’s a must have.


Bioluminescent Lake: Remember the glowing whale in Life of Pi? Watch glowing fish and crocodiles as they roam through Anderson’s Lagoon in the still of the dark.


Mayan Temples: While Corozal may look like a sleepy town, it was once a very busy Mayan trading center for salt, honey, Jade and Obsidian. Immerse yourself in Mayan history and explore the raw remains of one of the greatest civilizations in the world at the ruins of Cerros and Santa Rita.

Fish and Birdwatch: Because this town hasn’t been overpopulated or exposed to large amounts of visitors, it makes a great base for fishing excursions in the calm Corozal bay and bird- and wildlife-viewing in nearby Shipstern Nature Reserve. Its beauty is untouched and perfect for experiencing the real Belize.

Freezone: An attraction for many, get your duty free shopping done at the border town between Belize and Mexico.


Lamanai: Adventure and history are bundled together at the land of the “Submerged Crocodile.” Climb the third largest ruin in Belize and walk away with a deeper understanding of Mayan history and pictures of crocodiles, howler monkeys, rare birds, and sometimes even our national bird, the Toucan.

Blue Creek and Little Belize: Have you wondered what it would be like to milk a cow or round up cattle? Canoe down the Rio Bravo, and take a tour of these Mennonite communities via a horse-drawn buggy. While some Mennonites are very discreet, the communities of Blue Creek and Little Belize have begun to open the doors to visitors who want the chance to experience a completely different lifestyle.


Learn how to make Chocolate: Wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to make the food of the gods? Experience how the Mayans make chocolate the traditional way while learning their way of life, and enjoying every last bit of it; the chocolate that is.

Hike Victoria Peak: While using Punta Gorda Town as a base, plan an expedition up Belize’s second highest peak. Camp, trek, swim, and relish the breathtaking views.