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about Belize

Belize is closer than you think.

Belize shares its borders with Mexico in the north, Guatemala in the southwest, and the Caribbean Sea in the east. We happen to be the only country that is both part of the Caribbean and part of Central America making us a gateway to the best of both worlds. We’re also just a 2 hour flight away from Miami and Houston in the U.S.A.

We’re not an island.

Many people think we’re an island, but we are not. We have roughly 386 km of coastline and off our coast we boast about 450 Belize islands and islets. Our most popular islands are Ambergris Caye (pronounced key) and Caye Caulker. These cayes are protected by the world’s second-largest unbroken Barrier Reef.

Our economy is stable.

The traditional agricultural based economy has diversified with new emphasis and resources placed on tourism, manufacturing and offshore financial services. Belize through its multilateral relationships, is a signatory to the Caribbean Basin Initiative, CaribCan, the Caribbean Free Trade Area and CICA, and is developing a manufacturing sector that is labour intensive and export oriented. We also offer a stable political economy and investor-friendly tax environment.

You will be able to understand us.

Since Belize was once a British colony, our official language is English. However, we are a multicultural nation and many of us speak several languages, including Spanish, Kriol, Garifuna, Mayan Q’eqchi, even Mandarin and Hindi.

We work hard.

We’re home to a well-educated workforce. Our people are happy and hospitable, all 340,844 of us. We have about 7 major ethnic groups which include Mestizos, Creole, Maya, Garinagu, Asians, Lebanese and East Indians.

Our currency rate does not fluctuate.

We use the Belize Dollar and conversion is simple. $1 USD= $2 BZD. This exchange rate never changes. If something costs $4 BZD, divide it in half to get its USD equivalence. Easy right?

The weather is divine.

While we do have a rainy season from June- November, our country is warm, with an average temperature of 80o F. In the “winter” temperatures sometimes reach the low 60’s and in the summer temperatures reach the mid-90’s on the mainland, generally from mid-August through mid-September. Our seas are warm and perfect for diving and snorkeling.